For Guesthouse Nostalgia guests we offer a buffet breakfast for the price of 4,5 € per person. Other meals can be arranged with the guesthouse, in agreement with the adjoining restaurant for interested guests (Group rate: 10 € per person; and from 12 € for individual clients). We can arrange a warm and cold buffet, barbeque, and entertainment for celebrations and other events.

For the organisation of seminars and lectures we offer a 1 day-room for 24 persons, a wine cellar for 15 persons, and a social hall with a stylish historic oven for 24 persons. We provide a flipchart, a projector, a screen, and a CD player. The guesthouse offers the possibility of organising tailored social events for a higher number of persons using the accommodation capacity of the adjacent guesthouse about 10 m away. Transport and catering can also be arranged for these larger groups.

For guests we offer the services of our guesthouse wine bars, tasting seminars, and sale of Slovak wines.